VELVENOIR rejoint l’équipe de THE RIGHT NUMBER aprés avoir collaboré avec nous sur Amilcar Magazine !

VELVENOIR joins the team of THE RIGHT NUMBER after collaborating with us on Amilcar Magazine!


We are creators, storytellers and experts, passionate about art. At VELVENOIR we created a full-service boutique art concierge and consultancy. We provide a 360° service, from the art consultancy to the branding and communication strategy, that supports our clients and their team throughout the development of a new project. VELVENOIR brings a specialized team with an outstanding array of expertise and insights from various different backgrounds to each of our clients’ endeavours and goes above and beyond the traditional art consultancy services to fully implement a 360-degree approach. The VELVENOIR client roster includes a selection of prestigious hospitality, real estate and interior design clients as well as art collectors and corporate clients. At all price levels, VELVENOIR implements a curated and tailored approach with regards to the art collection, marketing and branding towards the developed art concept to truly communicate the art investment with our clients and our clients target audience. Established in 2014 by Alexandra Schafer – the VELVENOIR Headquarter is located in Salzburg, Austria with experts located in the US, Australia, China, Europe and Middle East who are representing the VELVENOIR brand within their respected region. We go beyond the conventional art consultancy service for all our clients – because art makes a difference!